On the athletics front, obviously less volume than before my injury, but I've tried to keep active and set non-running goals.  I rode Seattle to Portland again (maybe my fourth time?) but sadly just crapped out at about mile 170 outside of Portland on the one day ride.  I think just not fully recovered from surgery.  It frustrated me enough that I drove out the next day and rode the distance to finish as a two day rider - dammit.

 Did Cycle Oregon in 2008.  Not an ultra event, or maybe even a heavily athletic event, but an awesome week of riding culminating in two nights at Wallowa Lake - gorgeous.  In 2009 I did the Vineman Aquabike; essentially the Iron distance swim/bike events without the run.  And I tried my hand at a couple of OBRA (Oregon Bike Racing Association) time trials along the beautiful upper Clackamas river.

In 2010 I plan to do at least six different OBRA TT events.  Trying hard to convince friends to join me in Race Across Oregon (RAO) as a 2-4 person event.  Depending upon the route may do Cycle Oregon again.  There is also an amazing looking rando from Portland to Whitefish, MT.  Here's a pointer.

I am also looking at long distance swim events, which are unfortunately scarce locally.  There's a very compelling 10km swim in Bonaire, NA that I would love to do (I say that now).  Have done some diving down there and a distance swim would be awesome over those sites.

So...I still aspire.  Miss the running to be sure - particularly now that my son is 16 and running x-country.  So ironic that after 16 years of waiting for him to run with me, I'm grounded and he's running 5 minute miles.  Shit.